I was born in Barcelona a while ago. Since I was little I was very interested in drawing so ​​I ended up studying illustration at Llotja Art School and was a professional illustrator for some long years and was also a teacher in Escola Massana Art and Design School until I woke up spiritually (that’s also when I became interested in ceramic sculpture).

Then I left everything in Barcelona and moved, first to Australia, and later to New Zealand. I spent 5 years down there, learning about nature, intuition, healing and of course ceramics. I met beautiful people and had lots of enriching experiences that inspired me deeply. In New Zealand, I was working in King Street Artworks, an art center for people with mental health issues.

I came back to Barcelona when I felt it was time, and was a bit unsettled for a while, but slowly I found my way. I’ve been making ceramic sculptures all these years, my main theme is the Goddess, and I’ve also been making sacred objects to use in rituals and ceremonies. I also keep on drawing, and I teach illustration workshops in Escola d’Art La Industrial and ceramic workshops every now and then.

I currently have a coworking space in Gracia neighborhood in Barcelona. If you are around you are very welcome to visit me.