I am from Barcelona, ​​my background is in illustration. I studied at Llotja School a long, long time ago. I have used the artistic names Sonika and Sonikamonica. I have illustrated for Mondadori, Grijalbo, Destino Editions, El País, Avui, Santillana, McGraw-Hill, Barcelona City Council, University of Waikato (New Zealand), etc, and I am the author of the cartoon series ‘Pipqueak’s Planet’ and ‘Pipsqueak’s plays sports’ produced by Cromosoma S.A. In the last years I became very interested in ceramic sculpture, and there is so much to explore, I think I will need several life times.

From 2005 to 2010 I was living in Australia and New Zealand. I opened up to new areas, some related to nature and its practical aspects, such as permaculture, building with adobe, veggie gardens, medicinal plants, and other áreas related to spiritual things such as introspection, intuition and healing. The artistic part was always present, I did several courses and exhibitions. I shared a studio in Wellington and founded a small gallery, called Flaming Artichoke, with other artists in a mountain village in New Zealand. In Australia I left a few full-scale sculptures at Cape Tribulation near the Great Barrier Reef.

I like to share what I learn, and I have taught many courses and workshops. In Barcelona, ​​I spent some years teaching at Escola Massana, and in New Zealand I was working in King Street Artworks, an art center for people with mental health issues. I have also given workshops in illustration and painting at community centers in both hemispheres. I currently have a coworking space at 137degrees in Poblenou neighbourhood.

Since my return and after being settled again, I have been involved with the collective Oslo-Barcelona in Gracia, until its recent closure. I have also been collaborating regularly with illustrations in the magazine Infants Maresme. And for the spiritual part, I’ve been studying Gurdjieff’s Sacred Dances, I am learning Odissi (ancient Indian classical dance) and I keep on exploring a soul-listening energy therapy.

I think a bit of it all is reflected in my work.